(SER-AL-001) Alabama Wing
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ALWG HQ Directory

                                                                                                                                                                              updated 9 April 24
CC Commander   Col Brian Williams
CV     Vice Commander Lt Col Kim Miller
CVD       Wing Diversity Officer Capt Brad Bost
      Advisor to the Commander Col William Bass
      Advisor to the Commander    
CS     Chief of Staff Lt Col David Hartin
DCS       Asst. Chief of Staff Lt Col Talmadge Butler
        Asst. Chief of Staff    
CCC     Command NCO   SMSgt Peter Harker
DA   Administration Section
    Director of Administration Maj Keith Morris
DP   Personnel Section
    Director of Personnel Maj Keith Morris
AE   Aerospace Education Section
    Director of Aerospace Education Capt Dan Anderson
CP   Cadet Programs Section
    Director of Cadet Programs 1st Lt Rachel Pridgen
      Assistant Director of Cadet Programs    
HC   Chaplain Section
    Wing Chaplain Lt Col James Fogal
DC   Communications Section
    Director of Communications Maj Charles Hester
DOS   Emergency Services Section
    Director of Emergency Services Lt Col Bryce Kuykendall
FM   Financial Management Section
    Director of Wing Finance Col James Harris
JA   General Counsel
    Legal Officer Capt John Davis
GR   Government Relations Section
    Government Relations Advisor Col Joseph Owens
HS   Health Services Section
    Health Services Officer Capt Catherine Kuykendall
HO   Historian Section
    Wing Historian   vacant
IT   Information Technology Section
    Director of Information Technology SMSgt Peter Harker
IG   Inspector General Section
    Inspector General Col Robert Bost
LG   Logistics Section
    Director of Logistics Lt Col Talmadge Butler
PA   Public Affairs Section
    Public Affairs Officer Col James Harris
RR   Marketing Section
    Director of Recruiting and Retention Maj Michael McEntyre
DO   Operations Section
    Director of Operations Col Jayson Altieri
      Standardization/Evaluation Officer Lt Col Harold Coghlan
  DOU   sUAS Director Capt Ryan Smallen
XP   Plans and Programs Section
    Plans and Programs Officer    
ET   Education and Training Section    
    Director of Education and Training Capt Rick Weaver
SE   Safety Section
    Director of Safety Capt Jeff Young


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