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Cadet Programs

Cadet Programs

Welcome to the ALWG Cadet Programs directorate. This wing office manages and directs all functions of the CAP Cadet Program and Drug Demand Reduction Program in subordinate units. 
We are here to help cadets and senior members who work with cadets. We can answer questions concerning regulations, scholarships, encampment and various cadet activities. Please contact us for our help! 

CAP Directives, Regulations and guidelines are found in CAPR 20-1, CAPR 52-16 and CAPP 216


Cadet Programs Officers

Director of Cadet Programs    
Lt Col Arnold Staton DCP cp@alwg.us
1st Lt Rachel Pridgen aDCP rachel.pridgen@alwg.us

Functional Address:  CAP ALWG/CP

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