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Information Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology directorate is the wing office that is responsible for the web content management, internet security, and data management for the Alabama Wing. Information Technology Officers provide electronic communications and data resources in support of the wing's effort in executing CAP's missions.

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CAP Directives, Regulations and guidelines are found in CAPR 20-1, CAPR 120-1 and CAPP 227.

Below are some of the tasks derived from these regulations:

  • Manage and direct Information Technology related activities

  • Ensure OPSEC, and INFOSEC training is performed across the Wing

  • Develop and implement Wing IT policies to support CAP mission

  • Enforce Wing/Region/Unit website compliance based on CAP NHQ guidance

The Alabama Wing uses Google's G suite (for nonprofits basic tiered service) for cloud based storage, collaboration and security

of all our resources and ensure we are in compliance with CAP NHQ/IT guidelines. We use both personal wing-assigned, and role based email addresses. This allows members in the wing to perform duties and roles without a position assigned in the wing to access unit documents in order to fulfill the unit commanders intent.

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IT Officers:

Director of IT    
1st Lt James Anderson  
Assistant Director of IT    
MSgt Peter Harker  
Web Security Administrator  
MSgt Peter Harker  
Assistant Web Security Administrator    

Functional address: CAP ALWG/IT

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