(SER-AL-001) Alabama Wing
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Who We Are

Alabama Wing is one of fifty-two in the Civil Air Patrol.  Each Wing is geographically defined by state lines, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.  The Alabama Wing reports to the Southeast Region (SER); one of eight regions, as part of the command structure.  Subordinate units are divided into squadrons throughout Alabama.


Under the direction of the Wing Commander, squadron commanders direct their members by overseeing the tactical engagement operations to meet community needs.  

Each group is further subdivided into squadrons and flights.  Members at the squadron level are the lifeblood of the organization providing the tactical roles to meet Civil Air Patrol's Congressionally mandated missions.

General Information


105 S. Hansell Street
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

Phone:  334-953-6465

Fax: 334-953-7637

Email:  cs@alwg.us





Area:  52,419 Square Miles
Coastline:  60 Miles
Geography:  The north and northeastern regions are hilly and mountainous.  The central, west and southwestern are covered by rolling grassland plains that slope gently west into Mississippi and south to the Gulf of Mexico forming a coastal plain. 


Personnel and Resources
Personnel:  896 as of 14 September 2023

Units:  20
Aircraft:  13
Ground Assets:  23

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