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2023 ALWG Summer Encampment

The 2023 ALWG encampment will be at Marion Military Institute

in Marion, AL from 3 to 10 June, 2023.


Application deadline for executive staff (Cadet Command Staff) is 3 January, 2023.
Applications for all other cadet cadre positions will open on 1 January, 2023.
Cadet cadre (C/SQCC, C/1SG, C/support OIC) and all other support staff deadline will be 2359CST, on 31 January, 2023.
The 2023 ALWG Summer Encampment information, applications for staff cadets, basic cadets, and senior members can be found here:

Information for the 2023 ALWG Summer Encampment



If you have any questions regarding registration, they can be sent to or

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