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2024 ALWG Summer Encampment

The 2024 ALWG encampment will be at Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL from 1 to 8 June, 2024.

Applications are now being sought for those ALWG Cadets who may be interested in serving as the Cadet Commander of the ALWG Summer Encampment to be held June 1 – 8 at Marion Military institute in Marion, AL.

Below is the position description for Cadet Commander, outlining responsibilities and preferred experience requirements of candidates for this position.

Please submit a resume of your relevant CAP experience along with a cover letter outlining why you would like to serve as 2024 ALWG Summer Encampment Cadet Commander to encampment.registration@alwg.us.

Please submit your resume your resume and cover letter before Saturday, January 6, 2024 in order to be considered. Should you have any questions, please email them to thomas.davis@alwg.us or b.booth@alwg.us.



Cadet Commander (C/CC)


The Commandant of Cadets supervises the C/CC during the encampment.

The Cadet Commander (C/CC) is responsible for the implementation and conduct of the encampment program.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

· Provides focus and direction to the cadet staff, to insure proper implementation of the encampment program

· Assists in the selection of qualified senior cadets for command staff selection

· Maintenance and consistency of training standards in the encampment program

· Serve as a role model and example for all the members of the cadet staff

· Provide counseling services when appropriate

· Provide an appropriate forum for feedback of the encampment program

· Foster cohesiveness, teamwork and unity of purpose within the cadet staff

· Ensure cadet staff writes continuity documents with sample work or output

Desired Professional Experience:

C/Maj or higher rank desired (Cadet Achievement 14)

Six months or more experience as a Squadron Cadet Commander

Previous Encampment staffing experience, preferably as Deputy Cadet Commander for a previous encampment

Demonstrated success leading Cadet Activities at the Squadron or Cadet activity level



6 January 2024: Cadet Commander Applications due

30 May 2024: All staff reports to Marion Military Institute

1-8 June 2024: ALWG Encampment activity

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