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2022 ALWG Summer Encampment

Welcome to the 2022 Alabama Wing






ALWG will be conducting Basic Cadet Training beginning 11 Jun through 16 Jun at Marion Military Institute, Marion AL. 

Senior members application: 

Cadets, both Staff and student: 

Only Cadet Staff: 


Registration Required for ALL Cadets:
Student & Staff


For cadets needing financial assistance, view the process to apply for CEAP:

CEAP Application Process | Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters ( as well?


Those signing up for Command and Department Head positions are asked to comment to monthly virtual staff IPR (In-Progress Review) meetings, and other virtual meetings as may be required to plan, coordinate, and manage the encampment in all stages. 

All staff will need to be willing to commit to complete all required training in eServices and Required Staff Training (some of which will be virtual.)


If you have any questions regarding registration, they can be sent to or




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