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Are you an Alabama Wing CAP cadet? Do you have a few free hours and want to attend an Orientation flight? Or are you a CAP unit coordinator and need assistance in scheduling an Orientation flight for your unit? Look no further. You can fill out and submit the form below and your Wing cadet orientation flight coordinator will make this happen.  

sign up for CAP Cadet Orientation flights

Are you looking for training events, activities, CAP schools that enable you, as a member of the Alabama Wing, to gain the experience, training, knowledge, teamwork and skills to support any mission we are called upon.

Attention ALWG CAP pilots! Do you wish to continue with your current rating or attain another? Do you need to request someone to certify you before your (CAP) Form 5 is out? Click on the link below and submit the form.

CAP ALWG/Instructor check pilot request

How to generate a list of flight instructors using eServices

How to find and instructor, check pilot, or aircraft


2FA and Microsoft Authenticator

To process your 2FA into the ALWG IT database, there are three options for you to use so your 2FA can be turned on and you can log in without interruption. 

You can submit: 

1) a mobile number that can receive/send SMS text messages 


2) a personal email address that will serve as an alternate to an SMS enabled mobile device 


3) both above options 

Submit your information to the link found below. The IT team will update your submitted data and you will know 2FA is turned on when you attempt to log in to your wing email and 2FA requires you to acknowledge through a text message or email. 

2FA submission

Microsoft Authenticator


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